Styling Sarojini Nagar Clothes for Every Occasion.

Here i am trying something that’s out of my comfort zone ” FASHION CONTENT” , i know i am not a pro at this but i am trying things that are new for me, i am exploring different contents, so that I can try it and tell each and every one out their that trying new things is not that bad, you can try at first step you won’t be comfortable, you will feel its not worth but dude just try it everything will come to its place eventually.

So, let’s start with out new content, it’s all about styling clothes from SAROJINI NAGAR for different occasions. Sarojini is a place where you will find a lot of fashion varieties that too the trendy ones at very friendly cost & sometimes you can get your hands on some popular brands like Zara, H&M, Forever21 etc. Its a hub of Street Shopping in Delhi (India).

Let’s start with something which is simple.

  • This Jumpsuit is from Sarojini. I have paired it with a Turtle Neck Black Top ( , Converse Sneakers & a hoop earings to complete the look.

When you feel like not to dress up at all but still want to look cool , try this simple & comfortable look, it’s really very comfortable. Tried & tested 😉. It gives the perfect smooth look for a day out when you are heading for shopping.

The next two looks are for office wear: The Formal one & the other for a Office Party.

  • Here i wore a Wide Leg Trouser with White Shirt both from Sarojini & ofcourse Hoop Earnings, plus to complete the look i have tied a high bun to keep it neat & a pair of white sneakers to be comfortable.

This look gives you a perfect formal look, it looks like you have put alot of effort to gather this look but that’s not true its just how you pair it up. Dressing up & looking good makes you confident.

  • In this look i have paired the same Trousers with a Bralette (From some shop in Mumbai). Complete the look with a half bun & open hairs.

This can be your after office party look. You can be uncomfortable in this look but don’t worry, you can add a Jacket over it.Its quick plus you look sexy 😜

This can be you Movie Date Look.

  • I have paired the same Bralette with Shorts & a Denim Jacket from Sarojini. Just done the same half bun hair style & Hoop earings to complete the look. (Hoops rescue you from deciding what will look good, So always trust Hoop Earings.)

Going on a date ? Then you must be thinking alot about what you should wear that is not too dressy nor boring. Keep it simple , wear what makes you feel comfortable because if you are not comfortable in what you are wearing then babes you can get irritated.

A Brunch with your Girl Gang.

  • Wearing this Beautiful dress (Sarojini) with a Neck piece, Hoop Earings (The go to Earings) & White Shoes ( That’s my comfort foot wear). I have used a black belt (Sarojini) at my waist area so that it looks flowy at the bottom.

Flaunt yourself as you are more comfortable infront of your Girls.

A casual yet Pretty Look.

  • Wore Denim Shorts with White Top (Both from Sarojini). Styled my hair with Two Ponytails to complete the look.

When you want to look cute you can just need to do a Two Ponytail Hairstyle which will make you remember your old childhood Days. It looks crazy yet chic.

Wedding Season is Coming.

Its a Skirt which i have bought from Sarojini but worn it differently. We get bore of repeating same clothes every wedding season, so try this with your skirts to get a different look. Paired it with Jhumkis & Kolhapuris, to complete the look i have used a belt at my waist to make it look more elegant.

We sometimes don’t have anything to wear at a wedding function & don’t want to repeat the same clothes. Then you can try this outfit, get you skirt and wear it as a dress & accessorize it will  make you look gorgeous.

Thank you for taking out your time and reading my blog. I have done this for the very first time as Fashion & being infront of a camera for a shoot is not my thing. But this was fun , i have gained a little bit of confident in doing this kind of content.

Comment below if you like this content & want more contents like this as well. Suggestions are Welcome.

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