An Open Letter To My Best Friend

Helllooo Zoobi,

I don’t know how to start with this but I surely know that we met for a reason and I kind of have found what my reason is. Stay tune till the end you will know it by yourself and I hope you too will find out the reason of having a crazy person like me in your life.

So I was just thinking of how we were when we met. Do you remember? Became friends because of our Mom’s used to hangout and eventually we started spending time with each other and ofcourse there were other reasons too due to which we came to know eachother but shhhhhhuuuuu and we were in the same school but haven’t met back then. But i guess that was good that we hadn’t met in school because i know we wouldn’t have been this close at that time. 

Our journey has been like a roller-coaster ride which faced a lot of ups and downs that every relationship faces. This sounds like we are a couple. And people used to crack jokes around us regarding this giving us names and talking about marrying eachother. Do you remember one day we were just taking a walk and talking about the future and what we will do if we don’t get a guy who loves us back as much as we do , than we would just be in eachothers company and will adopt a child (Ofcourse one that belongs to You and one for me) and live with them happy. How pure and innocent our thoughts were at that time. But then life happened we grew up our dreams grew we struggled to fulfill those dreams we saw and we are on our way to it and will surely reach that point when we will be satisfied and happy of completing all that we dream of together.

We started dreaming things together whether it be of a relationship, studies, our career or our life. We always thought of the future by keeping eachothers presence in it but the time came when things changed we drift apart, didn’t contact eachother , we didn’t see eachother for almost a year. That was the year I came to know that dude life is empty I am missing out something but was not knowing what was missing but when things got into place we were back to normal I came to know that man i can’t survive without this girl I know our thoughts don’t match , we do have different perspective but that’s the point of being with a different person you have two different thoughts to think upon sometime my thoughts can get wrong and you can help me out and vice-versa so it’s good to be different.

Sometimes you know i fear that you won’t understand me what I am going through. I fear that you will judge me and I don’t want you to judge me.

We have done some crazy things together. Especially the one where we went to watch Ramleela movie with limited money with us as we were out of our pocket money and we badly need to watch the movie. The person at the counter of the cinema hall told us that they have closed the lower section and they can’t give us the tickets for that section and we didn’t have extra money with us to buy the tickets for the upper section so we requested the person on the counter to give us the tickets for the lower section we won’t mind sitting their alone and after begging infront of him he finally agreed and gave us the tickets and we were the only NAMUNA’s who seated in that entire section alone for the whole movie it felt that we own this hall and we are alone to watch the movie and on the other hand we were scared that in this dark what if anyone enters here. That day will remain a most memorable day in my life from our friendship. 

There are many such things we encountered in our journey of 7 years. We learnt a lot from eachother. I would like to salute you because you did something that everyone tried before but failed. You made me dance infront of people, leave infront of people I was someone who didn’t know how to dance, but you convinced me to do that in less than an hour and on the same day we had to perform.I know that was not good even not a bit close to good it was worse i was terrible to do this infront of don’t know how many people. I never tried doing this because there were people who told me to dance and do this and that but no one took the initiative to convince me and teach me how to do. No one hold my hand and showed me the way but you did. You were the first person who tried to make me feel comfortable infront of a crowd. I would never forget those days and then you did the same thing with me again and I was confident that time to do this because I trusted you. I wish you could make me do that more I miss that it was fun. That has become one of my guilty pleasures.

Ending this with some more memories of us with some photos as I am not able to complete it because there will be more memories of us which we would make in the coming years. I won’t mind sharing it here. People will know that we are not innocent we have done a lot of funny crimes together.

Yours Doobie.

Navratri Look
Birthday Pic
Birthday Craziness

P.S: Don’t kill me for the Photos. 😛

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