Summer Vacation

गर्मी की छुट्टी= Bachpann Ki Yaadein

Every child has their own experience, their own joy of Summer Vacations. We as children always used to wait for the big summer vacations to come so that we can enjoy our whole day with friends and family, playing games and doing whatever we want to do without worrying about finishing the homework.

My vacations always start from the last day of the school. We all use to finish our exams in hurry of meeting friends after exam and discuss about the papers and what would be our marks, what class we will be in the next year, who will be our class teacher and this will start after the examinations are over. We friends wished that we end up in the same division; we were not worried about the marks we will get but whether we all would be together or not were the biggest worry. So this was how the vacation used to start. 

After this whole school meet up things I would be happy thinking that now I can wake up late and no one will scold me. The days started waking up late and having the breakfast in lunch time then waiting for the GOLA Wala to come, so that I can eat a lot of KALA KHATTA, ORANGE and other flavours. With me my mother also enjoyed my vacations with Kala khatta. As she now was free too with me to be the child again. Playing with us, cooking varieties of snacks for us, spending time with us was all she had in the vacations. And that was the major part of the summer vacations at that time but as we grow up all this starts fading, the Kalla Khata time, the playing time all of this is gone when we start working or are in college.

गोलों की चुस्कियां , हम सबने ली जमके,

कभी खस , कभी काला खट्टा , कभी संतरा और आम,

रंगों में दुब्बी रहती , हम सबकी सुबह और शाम।

Gola Night at Mumbai
Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani

I remember I almost spent all my vacations playing with me younger brother as he was the only friend I had outside school. And he too loved to play with me. We used to play badminton and more than that Cricket was our favourite sport to play. He taught me to pay cricket even he taught me to ride a bicycle. Every summer I used to learn a new thing from him. And that’s a proud moment to learn something from your younger one. But as we grow up the cricket matches were played but his friends would be the players this time. And I used to sit back at home with Maa and learn new things from her. I really missed those summer days when I use to play cricket with my Motu Bhai and learning other things from Mamma.

Child playing cricket on street.
Photo By Pratik Gupta

गर्मियों की छुट्टी तो अब बस कहने की होगयी हैं।

क्या गर्मियां , क्या सर्दियों अब लगता हैं के हम छोटे थे वही अछे थे। 

ना किसी चीज़ की फिक्र ना किसीको खोने का धर,बस अपने मे मस्त मगन रहा करते थे।

Now a day’s summers are spent in the walls of cubicle of the office under files. Gola’s are now replaced with cold coffee and Me time without your chaddi baddies. But back than Friends were the ME time we needed.

We have grown so much that we forget about the child inside us. Our friends, our families. In the race of becoming perfect, earning money and to be successful we are sacrificing our relations with the one who are really close to us. 

अभी भी वो बच्चा कही न कही आपके अंदर छुपा हैं ,
पर ज़िमेदारियो ने उससे जकड़ रखा हैं।

I am not saying that one should not focus on their goals but in this race don’t forget that someone is waiting to spend some time with you.

After enjoying almost half of the vacation there comes a time when we have to go to school to collect our results and that was the day we used to know in which class we will be. Open house that means the result day comes with a lot of mixed emotions, happiness of meeting our friends after so many days and fear of what marks are we going to score and which division we will be. A roller coaster ride will be going inside us while going to the school on the Open house day. But it ends when we take the result and meet our friends and see that we all are together in the same division, and now we start planning for the first day of our school after vacation and then say Goodbye to each other and wait for the school to reopen.

School Memmories
St. Francis High School

Just before a week or two of going back to school, we use to have fun looking at our new books of our new class. Covering that with different labels and writing our name on them with the subject name that used to be a great fun during those days but today we are in search of happiness and that time we were happy in whatever we had. That’s the difference between childhood and adulthood.

This was a little part of the summer vacation from my life. Do share your summer vacation stories with me and tag me on Instagram.

Cheers to the Summer Vacation of Childhood !

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