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A Book or A Movie: What’s your way of relaxing

Books and Movies are our rescue in this quarantine period. We all are in our houses looking to do something every day. I even have written something on not being bored in this time and do something productive that’s worth spending your time other than just watching movies and sitting whole day doing that.

So you don’t just have to sit there and watch something. Go and read out the post on productivity and then have some watching time.

So let’s start with our topic where I will be sharing some good books reviews and movie suggestions for all my readers.

Have you thought what life would be in this lockdown period if we didn’t have any good movies to watch or books to read?

Let’s see what I have for you all.

Bookie Time

Read Read
Book Lovers

A lover of books will always look for a new novel even if they have a bunch of books in their shelf which are unread and untouched.

You may have known from my Instagram that I have started doing the 12 months 12 books things and I am already down to 5 books. And I happy with the choices of books I made to read. All the books are worth reading I didn’t felt any regret of reading any of the books. I feel good the whole day when I read something and it engages me so much that I get involved in the story and start making scenes in my head of how it must have looked in real life. That’s the magic of reading, you start thinking the scenario and start living the book.

Let’s first do some Motivational books that will keep you going with your work in the stressful time.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson

This was the first book I read in this year and I am happy that I started off with this one because I needed a lot of motivation at that time of year. Even today I need a lot to deal with the situation around us.

Mark has very nicely explained in this book about giving f*ck of things because we have limited amount of fucks to give. So you must choose wisely where you need to give it. He has explained everything with a story and you will start believing that you are giving a lot of shit in your life even to the things and peoples who don’t even deserve that. So give your shits to those who deserve it.

I would like to share some of the thoughts or you can say lines from the some chapter of this book.

“The deeper the pain, the more helpless we feel against our problems, and the more entitlement we adopt to compensate for those problems. This entitlement plays out in two ways:

  1. I’m awesome and the rest of you all suck, so I deserve special treatment.
  2. I suck and the rest of you are all awesome, so I deserve special treatment.”

“If suffering is inevitable, if our problems in life are unavoidable, then the question we should be asking is not “How do I stop suffering?” but “Why am I suffering- for what purpose?”

“Certainty is the enemy of growth. Nothing is for certain until it has already happened- and even then, it’s still debatable. That’s why accepting the inevitable imperfections of our values is necessary for any growth to take place.”

“It’s not about giving a fuck about everything your partner gives a fuck about; it’s about giving a fuck about your partner regardless of the fucks e or she gives. That’s unconditional love, baby.”

I can write a whole review on this book as I have gone really deep in this book. So just read this book you will be surprised with what it has, this above lines are just a part of it. There’s more in it.


All must have know this book or seen someone reading it. Ikigai tells you about the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. It has all the things that help them be happy the whole life they live, so feeling low and want to be happy. Try out this book because I am sure it will give you a reason to jump out of bed every morning. This is what IKIGAI means.

The book is inspiring and comforting. It will give you a life changing tool to know your IKIGAI.

If you read it don’t forget to share your IKIGAI in the comment section. And follow me on social media to know my IKIGAI as I will be sharing about it soon.

These were the two books for having some kind of motivation in your life. Other than this if you haven’t read The Secret you can read that as well.

Let’s have some good book reviews other than motivational as well because we can’t just keep on reading the heavy stuff. I always need a light read after I read the self improvement or motivational kind of books.

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

I had this book from past 2 years but I didn’t feel like ready it. I don’t know the reason behind it but whenever I tried reading it there was always a distraction after the read of 2-3 pages and I didn’t felt connected. But few months back I tried to give it try once more because I needed something sweet to read and all I had was this novel. So I gave this book a shot and it did wonders.

There are so many characters in it. This is actually a story of Toru Watanable whose childhood best friend Kizuki kills himself in his early 17. So after his death Toru used to spend some time with kizuki’s girlfriend Naoko, because kizuki was his only friend and now he has Naoko with him. The story revolves around a lot of things about how Toru manages to study and spend time with Naoko on every weekend and how he starts falling in love with her. How Naoko ends up going in a hospital and Toru making visits to her. How the relationship between Toru and Naoko is complicated. And the roles of other characters in their life like Storm Trooper, Toru’s roommate.; Nagasawi, Toru’s friend ; Reiko, Naoko’s friend and doctor from the hospital.

This book has so much to give. Although I didn’t liked the end but it’s a must read.

Ram Chandra Series by Amish Tripathi

So this series has 3 books.

  • Ram-Scion of Ikshvaku
  • Sita- Warrior of Mithila and
  • Raavan- Enemy of Aryavarta.

I started the series by reading Sita first because I borrowed the hard copy from my friend to read. I thought I may not like this book but again I was wrong. I enjoyed the book so much that I didn’t wait but read the other two parts as well.

The series tell us about the Ramayan from the point of view of the three of them. Ram, Sita and Raavan. The story has their perspective on whatever happened and how it happened. I didn’t enjoyed watching Ramayan but reading it was a great journey. But I should warn you a bit that we will be left with suspense at the end as the 4th part is not released yet. And man that killed me. Now I am waiting for the 4th part to get released so I can end the story in my head.

I am leaving a link to the soft copies of these novels so you can download it from there and read it.

Amish Tripathi’s collection of Ram Chandra series

Also I will link down an app where you can listen to the book if you are not into reading. It has a few days of free trial so you can try the trial part and see if it works for you.

Audio Books

Movie/Series Time

All of us are not a big fan of reading stuff and I can understand it because I was the same few years back. And for the ones who are not into that much reading you can consume content from movies/series.

Movie’s end in duration of 2-3 hrs and you can complete it in a day but watching series may take some days because it has episodes and seasons. So it’s hard to complete in a day. But there are some people who watch the whole series in a single sitting and I can understand that as well because I have also done this.

Let’s divide this movie/series suggestion in two parts

Movie It Is!

Movies picture
Movies to watch
  • Yeh Jawaani hain Deewani: A movie that we all love and is our favorite. What should I tell about this movie, if you haven’t watched than what are you doing here go and watch. It’s about love, friendships, career you get all in one movie. A full box of entertainment.

  • Zindagi na Milegi Dobara: If you love travel then you should watch this and specially if you love to travel with your friends. Have a gang date and watch it together. Laugh. Cry. Create Memories.

  • Shikara: This movie touched my heart somehow. It’s a story of kashmiri pandit’ who leave their homes and live as a refugee in their own country. It has a wonderful love story where the couple struggles to keep their hopes alive of getting their home back and living in their own country peacefully.

  • The Lion King: Who doesn’t love watching animated movies, we all do.  Simba, a young lion prince, flees his kingdom after the murder of his father, Mufasa. After years he return back and take bake what is rightfully his.

  • UP: A sweet love story that’s cute and happy. One should watch if you are going through a tough time, it will really help.

  • Ratatouille: Remy, a rat, aspires to become a renowned French chef. It’s a fun movie to watch and you will definitely enjoy seeing the rat cooking for humans. 

  • Harry Potter: The all time favorite. A potter head can never be bored of watching Harry Potter. Go and binge watch it and a have fun day.

  • The Holiday: A sweet simple love story where two young ladies are broken and decide to take a holiday and switch their homes to live in, where they find peace and love again in their life.

  • Pursuit of Happiness: A movie where Chris Gardner looses all his savings of life’s earnings selling a product he invested in. And his wife leaves him and now he is left with his son and an unpaid internship.

Series Time

Must watch Series
Series to watch
  • Two and a Half Man: A comedy series of a Man who is stuck with his brother who is thrown out of his house by his wife and now is staying with him with his son. So it is fun to watch it. A little easy and soothing series.

  • 4 More Shoots Please: Oh man! You should watch it if you are having a girl gang. It’s about friendship and dealing with life struggles together. The 4 girls are by each other’s side in rough time and boys are second priority for them because the first is their friendship.

  • The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel: If you are fan of comedy then you should watch Mrs.Maisel to rock on the stage. When her husband left her and she found the new talent in her about standup comedy, all the struggles to be in the business is shown in the show and the great part is there is comedy in every part of the show. You will laugh until your stomach hurts.

  • This is Us: Story of a Family who lost their father and struggling in their life. It is a great family shows on should definitely watch it and I am sure you will love it.

  • Little Things: Who does not know about Little Things. The love story every girl dreams of and the relationship everyone wants. Kavya and Dhruv set an example of a happy and understanding couple.

  • Fleabag: A dry-witted woman, known only as Fleabag, has no filter as she navigates life and love in London while trying to cope with tragedy.

So these were some lists of books I have read and movies/series I have watched that made me feel good and happy. We all just need some relaxation in our life this days as things are not good in the outside world it is important to keep your inside world calm and happy.

I hope you like my books to read and movie suggestions that can keep you busy for some time and distract you from the things that you are worried for.

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