Darkness is the symbol of the coming Light.

Happily Saying Goodbye to 2019..

So, Where should I start from.

2019 was not my Year neither it was like 2018 ( Last year was full of surprises and excitement) .Obviously a year cannot be similar with the other one.

This year has made me go through a lot. The beginning of the year went according to me. I started my year with a new note and a new start in a new city with a new profession. I was risking my profession to start something that will make me happy. At that moment I was not thinking of what was going to happen in future and I took the decision and started the new year on a positive note. While going through all of these things there was something positive happening which I was neglecting but now when I look back I know things happened for a reason. 

If you ask me what are the good things that happened this year from all the struggles I have gone through then the answer for this would be –

  • I moved to a city I was not confident about. 
  • Trying out a New Profession.
  • Met a lot of people who were different from me and taught me a lesson that not everyone is trustworthy.
  • Struggled in my career but didn’t give up on it. I kept trying until I was not satisfied.
  • I haven’t traveled this year but explored Delhi, its culture, the people, the food and the markets of course.
  • I broke down mentally like hell this year but I fight back those emotions. 
  • I lived differently this year. I fought a lot with myself and struggled to be the one I am but succeeded in that and bought my confidence back.
  • I still don’t know what career should I choose but in this confusion my loved one’s were standing next to me so I can be confident and don’t break down.
  • The biggest lesson this year gave me was to never neglect your mental health.

I was not stable this year mentally, physically, emotionally or financially but I made it to the end and I know 2020 will bring positivity in my life and I will work even harder now to achieve my goals and my happiness.

I know you all must be thinking why I have written this things and shared with you all. I think that when I can share the happy and positive things happened to me than why can’t I share my failures with you all. I have learned a lot from my failures this year and want each one of you to take your failures in a positive note because you know the saying

 “ जो होता हैं अछे के लिए होता हैं।”

So saying a Good Good Bye to 2019 on a Happy Note with a Smile on my Face and Welcoming 2020 with confidence and positivism.

गहरे अंधेरे के बाद ही सवेरा होता हैं।
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