So here comes the end of the year 2018. This year has bought a lot of things – Ups & Downs, Laughter & Tears, Success & Failure, a little bit of Travel,  a little bit of not trusting myself and getting back to the confidence.

If you ask me why 2018 was a great year for me than my answer would be –

  • It made me INDEPENDENT
  • It made me Financially Strong so that I could complete my Further Studies. And yes I am Proud of that.
  • I Visited or you can say Travelled places, which is for me more important as it feels different when you are somewhere else In peace.
  • Found out that I can be more confident it’s just my consciousness that makes me Under-Confident. Fighting that back.
  • Met a lot of lovely people from whom I learnt I am not that Bad at Things
  • I learnt that Happiness is the only key to a Healthy & Successful Life. Just Be happy things will change It will take time but it definitely will be changed and you will appreciate it later that you were happy in that situation. Because Sadness or depression or anger is not going to make the situation back to normal. So Just be happy in “LITTLE THINGS “.
  • Last but not the least I started this blog. I know it won’t reach a lot of people now but I am happy that I did what I liked.

This was all about my 2018 . Waiting for a lot of things to happen don’t know where this year will take me ahead but I Am Ready with full of Excitement & Happiness.

Looking forward into the coming days in a positive & happy note. And also my DREAMS…

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