We all go through a down time in our life a lot of times. We almost start feeling demotivated & negativity starts surrounding us. So I do certain things to motivate myself & keep my surrounding positive so that  negative thoughts do not hold me back. We all should have certain ways to keep our self happy, positive & motivated. 

  1. Read Good books , which keeps your mind calm & helps to surround yourself with positivity.  (Books like : Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill , The Secret by Rhonda Byrne,The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. Or Novels by Haruki Murakami & their are many more books you can read) For more reviews on books watch by Mostlysane.

      2. If you like to write then just sit down and write down the things going in your mind. It helps a lot to get negative things out of your mind with some solution to the problem you are facing.

     3. Spend some time with the one’s whose presence gives you GOOD VIBES instead of the ones who are surrounded by Negativity.

     4. Don’t blame yourself for the things happening to you instead find the solution to come out of it.

    5. Don’t fear of doing anything New. Doing something new gives you confidence & helps you to motivate yourself in doing new things.

   6. Meditate for once in a day, Eat your meal properly & Sleep on time. This are very important as your mood for other day depends on this.

   7. Talk to yourself : It’s the best way to stay motivated &  positive. Talking to yourself helps you find out the way you are looking for, it shows you a path to go to if you are stuck somewhere in your life. So talk to yourself as if you are sharing your problems with your Bestfriend.

  8. Get yourself a Routine. 

  9. Put some really good quotes in front of yourself where you can read it at least 3 times a day. (I am Amazing, I can Do anything,I am prepared to succeed, Prove yourself to Yourself not Others, Grow through,what you go through etc.)

10. Enjoy the down moment of your life, it teaches you a lot of things. The answers to your problems are hidden in it itself.

Think of Happiness instead of worrying about some random thing which has not even happen. If you have something going in your mind then don’t think about it much – just do it.

I hope you all like it and this will help you out.

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