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Positive Things from Lock down.

We are hearing a lot of negative things from past few months and are surrounded by a lot of negativity. But you know what you can see positive sides of this situation also. This lockdown has taught us a lot in personal as well as professional front.

Honestly speaking in the start of the lockdown period I was very energetic and would do my work sincerely but after a while it felt like I am only working, there is no free time. Managers’ think that working at home is easy and they give you a lot of work but they don’t see that you are already under a pile of works that need to be done. Working from home doesn’t mean that you have to make the employees work for 15 hours a day. So was too frustrated like others but my frustration went away when the company I am working with told us to not work anymore until further notice and there I was with no work, filled with de-motivation and in search of what to do now. Negativity was surrounded by me 24*7 and I was not taking to any of my friends (Which are rarely 2-3, LOL) and even at home I was quite doing nothing.

But you know what there are so much positive things happened with me in this period that I won’t be able to do when I was working. It’s not much but has whatever I did I felt good and at least I kept myself busy doing something. From past day I am again feeling de-motivated and not to do anything but I guess writing this post makes me feel good again and I will be on track soon.

Things that I did in this lock down to keep myself Busy and Happy

  • Cooking: Many of us are doing cooking and baking this days. I haven’t done much of the cooking/baking thing but at least the thing I loved was I started doing that again and I love it. Honestly speaking I have baked more cakes in this quarantine. Some came out really yummy and some I just messed it up.

Made Momos with Chutney and they were good.

Pan cakes were my go to snack in the evenings.

Yes I have consumed a lot of sweet this days and I don’t regretting it, maybe a bit but not much because I was feeling to have some of this so I did. But now I am balancing it with some good food. And this lockdown has also helped us in reducing the consumption of fast foods and outside foods, which is good for our physical and mental health.

  • Writing: These days I have spent more time in writing content. I know I am not regular uploading content here, but this is the space where I can write anything, anytime and whatever I feel like writing. But if you want some motivational kind of stuff then you can check out my content on Positive Ping and if you are looking for some web series and movies recommendation then you should check out Moviezmantra where I write on web series and stuff like that. Writing has given me a lot of peace; it has been my distraction from the bad things happening around me. Kept me really busy and I feel good about it.

Some interesting writing plan is in my head but let’s see if it happens.

  • Reading: Oh Yes. You know this if you are following me on Instagram that I have decided to read atleast 12 books this year and I have completed 5 books and I love how this has changed my life.  Like I said writing kept me busy, reading kept me calm. I am now addicted to this, I know I have slowed down a bit but really I love my reading phase and I know I will never break this promise of mine reading more and more.

If you are looking out for some suggestions on what you should read then you should check out my previous post on book suggestions.

Murakami book
  • Known Myself a Bit More: From the past few months I was not feeling more of myself, I have lost my self confidence a little bit but slowly and steadily I am working on it and the reading and writing is helping me a lot. Some things have really affected me during this time, like I have missed my people whom I am not able to meet and I don’t know when will I meet them but this has made me stronger and taught me not to lose hope on something you believe so much.

“If you believe in something, never lose hope”. This will help you in going further.

  • Family Time: Ofcourse we all had plenty of time in our hands. And have spent a lot of time with our families, playing games, watching movies and doing different stuffs that we have never done before. We all have enjoyed this time because spending time with family has kept us sane in this situation. Also the ones who are not with their families during this time, I can understand and can totally feel what you must be feeling because staying away from family in difficult time is not easy but you know what you are strong enough to handle this alone and what happen if we are not their physically, we can be connected virtually and be by each other’s side. Always remember distance should be in miles not in heart.

This are some little things I did to keep myself out of all the negativity and sadness going around, but somewhere inside we all have the fear, the fear of losing someone, the fear of losing ourselves and this fear sometimes make us anxious and that is not good, not at all because anxiety is the enemy of all today, we are not only fighting with Covid-19 but also with the stress and anxiety caused by it. So always make your near and dear ones happy, never let them be alone in this time. Do less fight and spread more happiness.  You know what it’s all inside us if we think happy we behave happy. So BE HAPPY

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