Love Aaj Kal – Stories of Generation.

What is Love according to you? What do you think about Love? What’s your thought on it? Do you think that Love from our Grandfathers Generation to Our Generation is changed or is it the same?

I don’t know how to start on this topic, there’s so much to talk about so much to share but this topic is something that I am not able to put out on the screen, in words. This is the feeling which can be felt but can’t explain. Do you feel the same when you try to express your feelings infront of someone? Writing on this topic is like expressing my feelings to that special one. You feel nervous as well as excited at the same time.

Let’s start talking about love 20 years back. In India at that time having courage to love someone before marriage was a big thing. Boy & Girl didn’t get to meet before their marriage, they just know each other’s name & what they do nothing more than that. But if we talk about love of this generation, we meet each other, date for sometimes & then decide whether to be with that person or not. We have choices to make; we can love anyone it doesn’t matter for us now because Love is Love.

Back in time love was talking care of each other without letting the other know about it, understanding them without having a conversation, showing them love by being by their side no matter what the situation is. Bringing those flowers to show how much you love this were the small gestures made at that time to shower love on the partners. Now expressing love means understanding each other’s career choices, supporting that career and taking care of each other’s responsibilities, respecting the space of our partner, taking them on a vacation. Love is the same but the way of expressing it has changed.

We are so caught up in the race of being successful that we hardly give time to our partners. We are not spending that quality time with each other talking about how you feel, about the future, about your past or about anything. Spending time with each other now a day’s means going to a cafe, watching movies but theirs is no time to sit together alone and have a conversation, going on a long drive holding your partners hand nothing like this. Our lives are just revolving around social platforms but inside they are empty. Career and goals are important but having someone who holds you when you fall, walks with you on the difficult path to just be there by your side so that you don’t feel alone, celebrate your success and scold you when you are wrong. We all need our love to be with us in all this points in life.

Love in those days was pure, innocent, without any expectations. But now we expect a hell lot from our partner. We know that love was pure at that time but there were also some issues due to which love used to fail. Standing for your love in those days was difficult because of society. But today we don’t care what society thinks and fight for our love and take a stand to spend our life with our love.

I know I must have talked some illogical things on this topic but I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to express love in words. It feels so good but still I am not able to put it in words. The thought of writing on this topic was just to explain how expressing love has changed from generations to generations but the Love is same and it will always be same just the way of expressing it differs.

Love will never change.

We will feel those butterflies in our stomach when we see that person.

We will cry our heart out when we miss them.

We will fight to stay together.

We will love each other more than any other thing in this world. Love is Beautiful.

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