Stop Being Bored

Stop Being BORED and Get ON BOARD

Before starting on today’s topic I would like to say something.

We are fighting against this situation from a month and more now and we all are together in this. Hope you are doing well and all your loved ones are safe and sound. Please take care, stay at home and be safe. Help the needy, feed the street animals as they are also struggling to find food to eat. Make your surrounding happy by doing this small things in this though situation. We will get out of this situation soon. Be Positive

Now coming to today’s topic. We are at our homes, not able to go out and do our regular stuff. Work is on hold or it’s been done from home. The current situation, the news that’s coming can be a little stressful for all of us. We need to use this time wisely and stop stressing out. Specially we can get bored sitting at home just doing the stuff or by just not doing anything. So I was just listening to one of the podcast of Jay Shetty, that’s my go to podcast to listen whenever I am stressed out or need to listen something that encourages me. And listening to his latest podcast I thought why not write on this topic on the blog and let others know about this if they don’t.

He had shared some things that we can do when we are bored and stressed out and I am just sharing the points in my ways. Just putting them in words.

Netflix & Chill is the go to option when we are bored but below are few things that you may enjoy doing and it’s productive too. Let’s check them out:

  • Virtual Scrapbook: We all have junk of photos in our phone or laptop that we haven’t seen from god knows how many months. So just categorize your photos. Make folders of occasions like Trip Photos, BFF, Wedding Photos, Family Photos etc so that becomes easy for you in future to look out for a particular photo that you need. Organize it so it leaves a positive impact on you.

Jay Shetty Says “If we organize our past it becomes useful to us & when we don’t organize it, our past is an obstacle. We can’t learn from it. But if we organize it our past can be an opportunity to learn, to feel happy, to feel powered, to feel passionate in your life.”

Going through the old photos connects you with the beautiful memories you have lived, so relive them. Share them with your loved ones. And create a virtual scrapbook that you will be going through every now and then.

  • Start Working Out: We always had an excuse to not workout by saying No man I don’t have time, My schedule is pack, I have a lot of work to complete and what not. But you don’t have any excuse to postpone it now, you have plenty of time in your hands. Use it wisely. At least start with some meditation, yoga and then a proper workout exercise. We ignore our health & don’t think about it in the busy schedule we have. We running towards working hard and earning that we neglect of physical and mental health. So this is the time to be fit mentally & physically both. You just need to pick out a perfect time and perfect workout that you can do.
  • Reorganize your Book Shelf: Reorganizing may help you discover an old book that’s lied behind the shelf that you haven’t read. You may find a book that’s gifted by your brother, sister, friend or colleague. Or you see a book that you wanted to read from a long time but didn’t have chance to read it. So this will be the right time to pick that book up and read it with a cup of chai or coffee (whatever you prefer) in your private time in peace.
  • Clean your Surrounding: Working from home can be though in our comfortable environment. So you need to have a clean & separate place for your work that’s away from any distractions. Just separate the spaces for entertainment, for your work, for dinner. Having a different spot for different things can help you concentrate on your work.
  • Call your Friend: Facetime that friend with whom you have lost connection due to your busy life, talk with them, make your plans to meet after the things are settled. Reconnect with them. If you know that your friend needs support when they are lonely call them.Invest in your relationships.
  • Brainstorm New Ideas & Write a Business Plan: Work towards your dream, it’s a window opportunity; this is the chance to create the strategy. It’s a great time to build the business idea that’s back in our mind from so many years. Work on it, look for new ideas, and study the market. Plan the things that have needed to be done, plan on how you will implement it. Understand your passion, Work towards the passion and Convert it to you Paycheck.
  • Online Workshop/Courses:  Another great thing to upgrade you skill is to take up online course that you thought of doing, join different online workshops. Add new skills, learn some new thing, or try your hands on learning new language. Upgrade your knowledge that will be helpful for your personal or professional growth.
  • Play virtual Games: Its fun to rediscover you old childhood memories by the games you used to play back in those days. Connect with your gang virtually and play from you home space. It will be fun to relive the moments.
  • Sketching & Coloring: We surely used to think about becoming an artist when we were young. But as we grew up we forgot about that in this digital growing world. So pick up the sketching pencil and start drawing. It’s said that doodling helps in reducing stress. And in the current situation where almost of us are stressed out this would be a great thing to do. Do sketching, Do coloring whatever you like but just do it.
  • Start what you needed to do: We all have wished to do something of our own, it may be a small thing but we always had a second though about starting it so now that you have plenty of time with you and nothing to do this will be a great start for that small thing. It may be a YouTube channel, a Blog or an Instagram Store. Do it now. You have the time in your hands. Just start. Make that one moment now.

This are all the things that you can do when you are bored at the time of quarantine or after that also and looking to do something other than just doing your work or chilling around watching Netflix.

I hope that you all loved it and would appreciate if you share this with your friends and family.

I am also leaving the link of Jay Shetty’s podcast in which he has explained all this things in detail.


Be Safe

Stay Home

Take Care.

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