It was all when I completed my graduation. As all of you over there , I too was confused for my career plans. Blank in what to do and what not to do , what’s good and what’s bad, this all was in my mind. I was about to enroll myself for MBA course but unfortunately that didn’t happened and thought to do something else that was find a job finance myself and do a short term course simultaneously but that too didn’t work as I was not getting a job according to my interest or you can also say that I was not mentally ready to step in the corporate world. So I quitted my course and moved back to my town and thought to do something there.

So the fight to find a job was still on, lots of thoughts crossed my mind while quitting my event course as I was happy in doing that, learning those new things. As an introvert I was opening in crowd and done a lot of things that I wont do in general. Sitting at home doing nothing made me worry made me to think about my future.

“ Find Your Way Out, Try to Find Yourself, Not What Others Want You To See..

I wanted to find myself. Their were questions and doubts in my mind that I am good at and the answer came nothing, you are not good at anything, you don’t know anything it was all negativity around me and at that very moment I started finding myself,I tried to know my interests. Then on one fine day I came to know about BLOGGING , I started to research about it, tried to know what exactly blogging was. And after knowing that it’s a platform where you can just write down what you think, what you are good at and many more things. That moment things striked  my mind that as an introvert person I loved to write and I can do this as this will at least make me happy in what I will do, it is something that fits my interest a little bit.  I tried to know about different blogs , read a lot of articles and blogs and convinced myself to do this.

“ Don’t Do Things FORCEFULLY , Love What You Are Doing, So You Won’t Regret It Later..

But life had something else planned for me, I took up a job to finance myself so that there are no barriers to stop me from chasing my dreams. It was not that good as I was not mentally happy doing that work but slowly & steadily I kind of started excepting that I need to do this and make myself strong mentally & financially. It was all going good I took up Distance MBA Course to get a good degree with some experience along with my work & other courses too which would help me to develop myself. All was going good but but I was not having time to think about myself my thoughts & it hit me so hard that I sat down one day and write out all the feelings & decided to finally post it.

So this was all which made me to start this beautiful thing, its connected to me in every way. It hope it remain the same by the coming days.

Will be writing more and more so that I can be happy more.

One more thing this incidents in my life made me strong just because I was having some special one’s who stood by my side and had faith on me.

“ Say HelloTo The Things That Makes You Happy, And A Big NO To Negativity..

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