Found Peace in the Nature of Mount Abu.

Mount Abu is a small hill station in Rajasthan also near to the Gujarat Border. You can reach their by taking a train to Abu Road or by road. Mount Abu is about 25kms from the Abu Road station.

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Let’s talk about the best time to visit Mount Abu and according to me one can visit it in all the seasons as it’s as beautiful as it is every month of the year (Just be a little careful in monsoon season but it looks wonder when it rains). I have been their 3 times a year and I didn’t find any difference in the beauty of nature. You must find me a little crazy learning that i have been their 3 times in a year but you will get to know in this blog that why i was that crazy to visit it several times.

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So let’s start with the journey of Mount Abu in my worlds and what I have experienced.

We reached Abu road around 10o’clock at Night so we prefered to stay that night in the Railway’s Retiring room and then to go up at Mount Abu in the Morning. We took rest that night and in the morning took the public transport to reach our stay in Mount Abu. Stayed at Silver Oak Valley Hotel. The rooms were clean, decent and the staff was good as well plus the rates are also reasonable. I especially enjoyed the peace & calm i had around the stay.

Places that I Visited:

  • Spend your evening at Nakki Lake: If you haven’t visited Nakki lake when in Mount Abu then how can you say that your trip is completed. It’s a must to go to this beautiful place and just sit back admiring nature’s beauty with some snacks to munch on. You will have the best time here,the whole scenery of nature will leave you completely mesmerized with its beauty!
A great view of Nakki Lake
Trying to pose hard after a long walk..
A smile after having some good food..
  • Look at the Beautiful view from Guru Shikhar: It’s the highest peak point of Aravali mountains from where you can watch the whole region of Abu covered with mountains. It also has a temple name Guru Dattatrey Mandir. Have a pleasant afternoon her and move to the Honeymoon point for more beautiful scenes.
Beautiful view from Guru Shikhar
  • Honeymoon Point: If you want to witness the sunset then you can come at this beautiful spot known as Honeymoon Point. Sunset can also be witnessed from the “Sunset Point” or you can also enjoy the same sitting at “Nakki lake”.

We covered all this points in a day and that was fun to explore this beautiful place. We rented a bike for a day that costed us INR 400 per day it’s kind of a cheap way to travel freely without any restriction of time to spend at a particular place. I always prefer to travel without a guide so that I don’t have to follow the time-table they provide and travel freely.

Now as we have talked about the sightseeing part, you must be hungry right. So let’s try the food they offer in Mount Abu.

Food to try:

  • Aloo Paratha ( I loved the taste of the paratha served with chutney & some dahi.
  • Dal Bati Churma.

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  • Abu ki Rabri.

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  • Authentic Rajasthani Thali.

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Now let’s talk about why I have visited this place a lot: 

My first trip in Abu was just for a day. I didn’t visit any of the places other than Nakki Lake on my first trip. Just went to have some chill time and break from work for a day. So i have just relaxed their on my first trip no sightseeing or doing any fun just some quality time. Then after coming back home I decided to visit the place again and explore it because it was my first trip after my school days. Yes we go to lots of school trips with friends but this was the trip which I took after my graduation as an Independent girl, so that felt good. 

After 2-3 months of my first trip  I visited Abu once again this time for a 2 Day trip so I can explore the place. And this time I knew why I felt so connected to this place just by coming here for a day. It was the peace my soul was experiencing. After doing the sightseeing for a whole day the next day was just to sit there on the “ Jhula” which our stay had and enjoy the nature. It made me realize that sometimes when you don’t have answers for your questions just sit and admire the nature you will definitely find a way that will help you out to solve your question. It won’t give the answer but definitely will show a way to find that. 

I believe every place we visit gives us a reason to love it, to come back again and this will be  my reason why i go back their. I know there must be a lot of places where i can experience this but until I have not visited them this will be my First and Favourite place where my soul finds her peace.

The “Jhula” at our Stay.

I hope you enjoyed my journey to this beautiful hill station. Do share your stories with me about this place or the place where you have found your peace in the comment section.

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